Chris Lehr


I suppose you could say that from a young age I was destined to travel, with family located in most of Europe. I decided my first port of call would be Italy, my grandfather had been based there during the war and said it was the most beautiful country he had ever seen. Well he wasn’t wrong; Italy is an amazing country, rich with culture, food and wine!

I’m sure I would have ventured further, had I not met a wonderful girl, now my wife, shortly after arriving in Italy. 

After completing the CELTA and INTESOL certificates and working for various language schools and export companies, I decided that my vocation was indeed teaching, but the “book and teacher” method was, in my opinion something of the past. I wanted something fresh, something innovative, something modern and something intuitive. I found the Macmillan English Campus, my answer.

After much consideration I settled on buying a run down English school and injected it with energy and colour, including the fantastic English Campus method. It has been a roaring success and partnered with amazing teachers and a great method, our school has been put on the map.

After 9 years of hard and sometimes frustrating work, I now find myself living in a town named Manerbio with a great English school and a wonderful family. I live there with my son, 7, my wife and my two dogs Lana and Nico (Nico is in the picture).

“La bella vita!”