The Long and Winding Road to IATEFL


There’s only a couple of weeks left until the biggest ELT event of the year – IATEFL. (We’ll be there of course, so come and see us!) So what better post than one to honour this year’s host city Liverpool and its most famous export?

Liverpool, affectionately called the Pool of Life by its residents, is one of the UK’s biggest cities and a historical and cultural gem. Its heritage is so deeply rooted in Liverpudlians’ hearts that Scousers are some of the proudest people in the country and you’ll see why if you’re going there in a couple of weeks.

Midway through the twentieth century, a kind of revolution started which gave it the reputation it still holds today – a music revolution. The Beatles, Gerry Rafferty, Elvis Costello and more have helped it clinch the title of World Music Capital, the city producing more number one records than any other. And if you want to relive those heady, hazy days, come along to our stand at IATEFL for tickets to Macmillan’s very own swinging sixties party at the Cavern Club –the legendary venue the Beatles themselves played in their early days.Liverpool has played a key part in British culture and heritage, which led to it being chosen as the European Capital of Culture back in 2008. Gaining importance from its somewhat insalubrious beginning during the slave trade era in the eighteenth century, its port status as a gateway to America led to the construction of an impressive waterfront complex, with distinctive architecture that gave it the nickname “New York of Europe” in the 1850s. 

For those unlucky ones who don’t get to make it to the party, you can console yourselves with a Macmillan Liverpool playlist from some more recent tunes back to the days of skiffle, not forgetting the song by Gerry and the Pacemakers that became Liverpool football club’s famous anthem, an ode to one of the city’s streets and the original version of a song famously covered by Amy Winehouse.

Valerie – The Zutons
Dreaming of You – The Coral
Wake Up Boo – The Boo Radleys
Oliver’s Army – Elvis Costello
Penny Lane – The Beatles
You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry and the Pacemakers
Ferry ‘Cross the Mersey – Gerry and the Pacemakers

To those of you who’ll be making the journey ‘cross the Mersey to this year’s IATEFL, see you at the stand at Liverpool Arena and Conference Centre between the 8th and 12th April! If that’s not enough for you, then you’ll find a Beatles Crossword along with ideas for using music in the classroom by Paul Ashe on onestopenglish. Why not use some of these great British songs in your lessons?


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