Today is the first day of December – and the official countdown to Christmas!


Hooray! It’s December 1st, and here in the blendedmec offices we’re all very happy to have another excuse to eat chocolate every day, thanks to the office Advent calendar …

On a more serious note, the start of Advent is an important Christian season marked by expectation and patience for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Advent officially began on Sunday 27th November this year, as it is the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. To mark the advent countdown, Germany created an advent calendar – though I doubt the first advent calendars contained chocolate like most of ours do today!

To get your class talking, why not get them to discuss Advent or Christmas traditions in their country? They could bring in objects that represent Advent in their countries, and describe them to the rest of the class.

To bring a little bit of advent into your classroom every day, why not create an English advent calendar? Here’s a tip from Jim Scrivener for creating a quiz calendar:

“Buy an advent calendar filled with small pieces of chocolate and carefully open the windows. Add a folded piece of paper with a short, appropriate language revision question into each slot. Each morning in class a student can open a window, read out the question and try to answer it. If they succeed, they win the chocolate! If not, someone else can try”

For more advent-inspired lesson ideas from Jim Scrivener, read the whole article on onestopenglish.








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