• New term, new resources 22-Aug-2013

    August is very quickly drawing to a close and that means only one thing for Macmillan Education: it’s the start of the new school term!

    That first class with a new group of students is always scary, exciting and unpredictable in equal measure, but it’s always good to remind yourself that the

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  • You Are What You Eat 15-Aug-2013

    A recent survey by experts at the University of Sheffield in the UK has found some interesting trends in British eating habits.  While many people think we’re spending more time apart from our families, eating on our own, on the go, or in front of the television, in reality the story

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  • Are you a good tourist? 08-Aug-2013

    It’s holiday season, and that means that all around the world, people are buying phrasebooks in various languages, and learning key phrases for the holidays: “Where’s the beach?”, “A table for four please” and “I’m a vegetarian!”. And Expedia’s annual report by hoteliers and service staff have ranked various

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  • Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to baby boy, third in line to the British throne 06-Aug-2013

    This week’s news item, adapted for Macmillan English Campus from a news article originally published in the Guardian, is about the birth of the first son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The newborn prince is third in line to the British throne.

    You can find this story in

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  • There’s more to immersion than relocating 11-Jul-2013

    I have just come across the results of a really interesting study this week about language students’ interaction with their native culture, and how this affects their use of and fluency in the target language. If you want the full title of the study, it’s this:

    “Heritage-culture images disrupt immigrants’ second-language processing

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  • Tackling bad English 28-Jun-2013

    About 10 years ago, I moved to Spain to teach English. I came to the country without a word of Spanish so, as a complete novice, I looked for points of comparison between English and Spanish to give myself a route into the language.

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  • The Perfect British Accent – Does It Really Exist? 20-Jun-2013

    As I was eating my breakfast this morning, I watched an interview with a young local schoolgirl who had been chosen to give a speech at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland. Hearing her speak made me realise that the Northern Irish accent is an interesting one, and something you don’t

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  • Plan an excursion with your students 13-Jun-2013

    One of the main things that all language learners usually have in common is the desire to travel and learn about and experience other cultures. However, travelling can be costly, and even daunting for students who don’t speak the local language well. So how can you let your students experience other

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  • The sound of Welsh 31-May-2013

    I recently decided to try to learn Welsh. Being impatient and not having all that much time to attend a class, about a minute after deciding to learn, I downloaded an app. A few minutes after that, I could say, ‘I am trying to speak Welsh’ in Welsh. I would write

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  • Never ‘misunderestimate’ the English language 17-May-2013

    The English language is an adaptable beast – constantly borrowing and reinventing itself to fit its current climate. Centuries of wars, globalization and technological development have left English a mishmash of languages, forever expanding to incorporate the latest fads, technology and culture.

    In Shakespeare’s day there were only 2,000,000 speakers of English

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  • A touch of class 05-Apr-2013

    The BBC has just reported the results of a survey, the largest of its kind ever undertaken, on the thorny subject of class. That is, the social structure here in the UK and which sector we all belong to.

    According to this survey, there are seven different classes that we

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  • Happy Easter! 28-Mar-2013

     To our blog readers,

    Have a lovely Easter.

     We look forward to bringing you more from the world of ELT soon!

    Joanna, Becca, Peter, Julie and Kirsty

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  • The Long and Winding Road to IATEFL 28-Mar-2013

    There’s only a couple of weeks left until the biggest ELT event of the year – IATEFL. (We’ll be there of course, so come and see us!) So what better post than one to honour this year’s host city Liverpool and its most famous export?

    Liverpool, affectionately called the Pool

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  • Video in the classroom: Britain on Film 14-Mar-2013

    I don’t normally watch much television. Last night, however, was a bit of an exception given it was a Monday night and absolutely freezing outside to boot. While flicking through the channels, I stumbled across a programme called Britain on Film, a collection of fascinating short videos from the

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  • The long and short of it 08-Mar-2013

    It may seem redundant to say this when writing a blog entry, but the way we now communicate has changed almost beyond what could have been imagined 20 years ago. The fact that I am able to post an article online to a global audience and it is not considered remarkable

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