• Open House: Going through the e-motions – digital essay projects for EAP and IELTS 22-Jul-2013

    Thursday 26th September 2013, 3pm UK time

    The elusive academic essay…EAP and IELTS students worldwide often struggle to really grasp what makes a great piece of writing and to develop the skills necessary to reach this key academic goal.

    From detailed research to intricate referencing, from perceptive planning to eloquence and persuasion, these skills can

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  • The EFL classroom through digital curation 01-May-2013

    I wrote a few weeks ago about the great talk I went to during the last IATEFL conference in Liverpool; MLearning: is it a portable circus or just an illusion. I also had a chance to attend one more interesting talk: Filtering relevant information for the EFL classroom through

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  • Onestopenglish at IATEFL 2013 19-Apr-2013

    As onestopenglish publisher, I speak regularly with all the teachers and expert authors who produce lesson plans and worksheets for the site. I love the immediacy and variety of the job: teachers from all over the world visit the site – according to our analytics software we reach teachers in over

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  • IATEFL Liverpool Day 1 10-Apr-2013

    Tuesday was the first day of the IATEFL conference in Liverpool. This year the talks have been cut down to 30mins and the workshops to 45mins and as a result you have a programme packed with loads of options. I think that is was a great idea to make the talks

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  • We’re live from IATEFL 2013! 08-Apr-2013

    This week is a big one for the ELT community, as it’s time for IATEFL. Naturally your BlendedMEC and Macmillan English Campus teams are here at the Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool from 9th-12th April. We’ll be giving talks, meeting people- just look out for our big red Macmillan

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  • The Long and Winding Road to IATEFL 28-Mar-2013

    There’s only a couple of weeks left until the biggest ELT event of the year – IATEFL. (We’ll be there of course, so come and see us!) So what better post than one to honour this year’s host city Liverpool and its most famous export?

    Liverpool, affectionately called the Pool

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  • Language Show Live: Added Value of Multilingualism 19-Dec-2012

    Speaking in Tongues

    The last but not least session I attended at the Language Show Live last November was a talk by Itesh Sachev. The aim of the session was to discover the myths about multilingualism and find out how speaking a number of languages affects our brains and benefits

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  • Language Show Live: Online real-time communication 12-Dec-2012

    I suppose that currently there’s no problem in finding online communication tools and using them with students in language classes; the trick is in finding the one which works for the language benefit and students interests. Students tend to use online tools to communicate in spoken or written format in their

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  • Language Show Live: Fun and effective uses for technology in the classroom 05-Dec-2012

    Fun ways for effective use of technology in your language classroom

    When attending the Language Show Live I spent quite a lot of time in the Language Technology Zone. It was an area where, during 30 minute sessions you could try out, on the iPads provided, apps which were part of tasks

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  • Language Show Live: Digital literacy meets EAP 28-Nov-2012

    The first stop at the Language Show Live takes us to the EAP area, which is a rather tricky area to teach as it does not only need to be filled with specific content, but also with real life skills which students will be confident to reach to and apply in

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  • Macmillan Online Conference 2012 23-Nov-2012

    Earlier this month I presented a webinar as part of the Macmillan Online Conference, a whole week of live presentations for English-language teachers across all disciplines, from primary to adult and methodology.

    I was in illustrious company. Carol Read, Angela Llanas and Viv Lambert presented in the primary sessions; while the methodology

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  • Language Show Live moments to remember 21-Nov-2012

    For the first time last month, I attended the Language Show Live in London. As it was my fist Language Show I had big expectations and wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.  This event is a great celebration of languages and their cultures, you had a chance to participate not only in

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  • From teacher to manager to conference speaker… 29-Oct-2012

    Tinker, tailor, soldier, jack-of-all-trades

    Jammy. That’s what my dad would call me. Opportunities just seem to rear out of nowhere and drop, screaming faintly, into my welcoming lap. My ever-loving boyfriend would dispute this and declare that you make your own luck, that everything I have achieved is a product of my

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  • The benefits of learning languages 27-Sep-2012

    We celebrated the European Day of Languages yesterday. It’s a fantastic event organized by the initiative of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, and has been celebrated every year since 2001 on 26 September. You can find out more here.

    The question is how do we benefit from learning languages, if

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  • The Oscars of ELT 25-May-2012

    Hosted this year by Robert De Niro (a.k.a. Scott Thornbury) and with presenters including Macmillan’s very own Marilyn Monroe (a.k.a. Jo Greig), it was a glittering, star-studded (and unusually warm and sunny) evening in London – and this year there was even a Hollywood-style red carpet. Yes, ladies and gentlemen –

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