• Farewell Blended MEC blog 30-Jan-2014

    New year means new beginnings, and in 2014 we’re waving goodbye to our Blended MEC blog. Love the blog content? Not to worry, we’ll be keeping an archive of our past blog posts, so you’ll still be able to access all your favourite articles, teaching tips and videos on blended learning.


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  • Resources from the English Campus: November 20-Nov-2013

    Each month our Editorial Assistant Liz will be offering a monthly round-up to help keep you updated with all our latest resources on the English Campus. Take a look at what we’ve published this November to see some of our English Campus highlights:

    It’s been another bumper month for the English Campus!

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  • A Practical Guide to Google+ Hangouts On Air: Part 1 24-Oct-2013

    Getting started with Google+ Hangouts On Air

    Following on from my post on Google+ hangouts last week, I thought it would be useful to put together a practical guide on how to set up and run your own ‘on air’ sessions. Where you may currently be using

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  • ‘Hanging out’ with Macmillan 14-Oct-2013

    Ahead of the 2013 Macmillan Online Conference, our Digital Marketing Executive (and resident webinar whiz) Henry gives an insight into our wide range of online events at Macmillan Education. From teacher training webinars to using Google+ Hangouts, this series of blog posts offers basic tips and strategies to help teachers

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  • Reflecting on my learning and teaching style 24-Sep-2013

    If I had to be a learner now, I would describe myself as one with an analytical style towards the issues I should be aware of. I prefer spending time on tackling problems logically and a systematic presentation of new learning material would contribute to my personal preferences. I do not

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  • Then and Now: old school nostalgia 29-Aug-2013

    We’ve been getting pretty nostalgic here at Macmillan Education this week with our Back to School campaign.

    Nowadays  – fortunately and unfortunately in equal measures – going back to school no longer means scented pens are most sophisticated school tools, and stocking up on plastic slides for your overhead projectors is

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  • The Perfect British Accent – Does It Really Exist? 20-Jun-2013

    As I was eating my breakfast this morning, I watched an interview with a young local schoolgirl who had been chosen to give a speech at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland. Hearing her speak made me realise that the Northern Irish accent is an interesting one, and something you don’t

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  • Looking back at 2012 on blendedmec 13-Dec-2012

    It’s almost the end of 2012 and soon, 2013 will be upon us! I love Christmas time and it’s the perfect opportunity to look back at what the past year has brought us before moving on to new and exciting things. With that in mind, I’d like to use my final

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  • Four more years 08-Nov-2012

    In the UK we have a saying: “Remember remember, the fifth of November.” (Take a look at Becca’s post on Bonfire Night here)  However, across the pond, Americans were yesterday being urged not to forget the sixth of November, a crucial day in American politics as hundreds of millions of

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  • Preserving language, new and old 31-May-2012

    It is estimated that within the next 200 years, around half of the 6000 languages currently spoken around the world today will become extinct. One linguist in America is trying to preserve or rather revive an extinct language of Papua New Guinea, Arapesh, by using a much more modern

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  • My first IATEFL! 29-Mar-2012

    Last week, half of the office got on the train and travelled up to the other end of the country to attend the biggest and most exciting conference of the ELT year – IATEFL 2012 in Glasgow, Scotland!

    IATEFL is a week-long conference packed full of early mornings, late night parties, free

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  • Weather permitting 23-Mar-2012

    In a bid to ‘future proof’ themselves, Google have taken the unusual step this week of patenting the weather. Well, to be precise, weather sensing technology that would allow them to target you with advertising that matches your surroundings. A move that Gus Hosein, executive director of Privacy International, has branded

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  • Clean energy faces ‘time bomb’ 20-Mar-2012

    This week’s news item, adapted for MEC from a news article originally published in the Guardian Weekly, is about the difficulty of manufacturing clean energy products when the minerals that are needed to make them are very rare.

     You can find this story in the News Items section on your Work Area

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  • Bringing them up bilingual 16-Mar-2012

    Did you know that over half the world’s population is estimated to be bilingual? A lively debate with colleagues on the subject of bringing up bilingual children prompted me to revisit the fascinating website of François Grosjean, Emeritus Professor of psycholinguistics, Neuchâtel University, Switzerland, and an expert in bilingualism. Read More

  • The onestopenglish app 14-Mar-2012

    *Drum roll* … Here at onestopenglish HQ, we’re all a-buzz with excitement because we’ve just launched our very first onestopenglish app!

    Here, we live, breathe, eat and sleep onestopenglish – and now you too can take it with you wherever you go. You’ll have the latest content updates, fresh lesson

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