• New games on MEC! 15-Dec-2010

    Let’s play!!

    The current News Item on MEC explores new computer games using body and mind control. If you are up for some ELT computer gaming, have a look at our recently published games on MEC!

    Help Tom the cat get rid of the mice populating Mrs Brown’s kitchen by using appropriate

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  • News Item update! 14-Dec-2010

    Brave new world of gamification

    This week’s news item, adapted for MEC from a news article originally published in the Guardian Weekly, is about developments in computer games, especially in body and mind control. Experts think games will become more and more important in real life too.

    You can find this story in

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  • Comedy in the classroom 26-Nov-2010

    One of the greatest challenges facing any teacher is injecting fun into their lessons and keeping material lively. With this in mind I came up with the following activity which became one of my favorite to teach and a nice way to reward students after completing a particularly difficult activity or

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  • No hard sell necessary 16-Nov-2010

    This week’s news item, adapted for MEC from a news article originally published in the Guardian Weekly, is about a growing trend in Britain for workplace learning. As part of this trend, Harrods, the famous London department store, is offering staff a free honours degree.

    You can find this story

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  • News Item update! 09-Nov-2010

    Fears of vaccination may be putting lives at risk in the developing world

    This week’s news item, adapted for MEC from a news article originally published in the Guardian Weekly, is about how vaccine scares in the UK, Europe and the USA could be threatening vaccine programmes in the developing world.

    You can

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  • How much electricity do we waste in a year? Find out that and more at Chrisjordan.com. 05-Nov-2010

    This image is taken from the running the numbers section of the website and the creator (Chris Jordan) intends them as a visual version of a particular statistic, such as the number of kilowatt hours of electricity wasted in the United States every minute from inefficient residential electricity

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  • The worst classes make the best lessons… 03-Nov-2010

    The start of my second year of teaching saw me taking my first ever young learner class; a small, seemingly manageable class of seven seven-year-olds. Armed with lessons learnt from a year teaching adults in company I prepared my first class sure that we’d be the best of friends by the

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  • Sarah Milligan NOT Millican 27-Oct-2010

    I went to the BELTE conference last week to give a presentation on onestopenglish. As I was planning my session I had a look at my blurb in the leaflet ‘The Cheat’s guide to finding what you need on onestopenglish Sarah Milligan’. Hmm I thought. I wonder

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  • News item update! 26-Oct-2010

    MEC Editor, Kerstin Schneider, writes:

    Climate deal is closer, says UN

    This week’s news item, adapted for MEC from a news article originally published in the Guardian Weekly, is about United Nations talks in Tianjin, China, on climate change.

    You can find this story in the News Items section on your Work Area

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  • Lovely tapas during a convention in Madrid 22-Oct-2010

    Moveable Fiesta

    “Mientras la luz que viene fija y gana
    blancas metas de fábula que olvida
    el tumulto de venas en la huida
    hacia el turbio frescor de la manzana”

    Frederico Garcia Lorca

    This is for anyone interested in a nice restaurant tip in Spain. We attended the MLA Annual Convention in

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  • Vocabulary heaven at Eastoftheweb 13-Oct-2010

    MEC has a wealth of fun vocabulary and language games, but if you have really enthusiastic gamers in your class who’ve finished all the MEC games or you’re looking for something new yourself, then try Eastoftheweb.com. It has lots of different games on it, I’ve described my

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  • Placement test 09-Sep-2010

    MEC Training Coordinator, Sarah Milligan, writes:

    For those of you who can’t wait to use the new placement test on your English Campus I thought I’d make a few suggestions about how you could get it up and running in your school or university.

    1. How will I

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  • Active Pronunciation 04-Aug-2010

    If your students struggle with pronunciation or you find it hard to explain how to produce certain sounds in English, then you might find this site useful.

    It’s from the university of Iowa website and, although it’s only available in American English (and Spanish), it’s a

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  • Subservient Chicken 30-Jul-2010

    MEC Training Coordinator, Sarah Milligan, writes:

    I’m not in the habit of advertising fast food chains but Burger King’s marketing website Subservient Chicken can’t be ignored!

    You type an instruction for the chicken in the box and it does what you tell it. Honestly I’m

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  • Engaging and innovative presentations with Prezi 28-Jul-2010

    Are you tired of using PowerPoint? Are you bored by whiteboard?


    Then feast your eyes on Prezi.com, the clever new way to make engaging and innovative presentations.

    Just like any presentation software, with Prezi you can write captions, use images and add design to your presentation.

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