• Resources from the English Campus: October 08-Oct-2013

    Each month our Editorial Assistant Liz will be offering a monthly round-up to help keep you updated with all our latest resources on the English Campus. Take a look at what we’ve published this October to see some of our English Campus highlights:

    One of my favourite features on the English

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  • Get writing right now 04-Oct-2013

    We’re all very excited because in October, we’ll be adding manually marked writing activities to our blended learning platform, the Macmillan English Campus! This will increase the kinds of interactions students can experience when using the English Campus, and will give teachers even more opportunities for enhancing their students’ skills.

    Perhaps more

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  • Reflecting on my learning and teaching style 24-Sep-2013

    If I had to be a learner now, I would describe myself as one with an analytical style towards the issues I should be aware of. I prefer spending time on tackling problems logically and a systematic presentation of new learning material would contribute to my personal preferences. I do not

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  • Creating eBooks: The eDiary 17-Sep-2013

    There are various ways of describing language in the classroom, using suitable purpose-specific methods and approaches. To me, Jeremy Harmer’s theory of the ESA (Engage- Study- Activate) process in class corresponds with an interactive and motivating way of teaching language and managing learners in the best possible way.

    This idea has led

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  • Creating eBooks: Business mail 10-Sep-2013

    In the last three years I have experimented with modern applications such as blogs, wikis, platforms, virtual clouds and forums. They have gained enormous popularity and, in my opinion, they serve as an excellent contribution to the language learning process. All of them can add a feeling of novelty to various

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  • Creating eBooks 03-Sep-2013

    My name is Antoniya Hristova. I am an ESOL teacher in my country Bulgaria, and this is my second opportunity on Blended MEC to share my professional experience with colleagues from all over the world. Over the last 12 months I have been inspired by international language consultant

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  • You Are What You Eat 15-Aug-2013

    A recent survey by experts at the University of Sheffield in the UK has found some interesting trends in British eating habits.  While many people think we’re spending more time apart from our families, eating on our own, on the go, or in front of the television, in reality the story

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  • Are you a good tourist? 08-Aug-2013

    It’s holiday season, and that means that all around the world, people are buying phrasebooks in various languages, and learning key phrases for the holidays: “Where’s the beach?”, “A table for four please” and “I’m a vegetarian!”. And Expedia’s annual report by hoteliers and service staff have ranked various

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  • The SaypYu project: one global language 25-Jul-2013

    A recent article in the Telegraph led me to discover an intriguing collaborative project called SaypYu, whose aim is to create one global alphabet combining all sounds in every language in the world, to standardize spelling and pronunciation. SaypYu stands for Say as you pronounce Universal project,

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  • Open House: Going through the e-motions – digital essay projects for EAP and IELTS 22-Jul-2013

    Thursday 26th September 2013, 3pm UK time

    The elusive academic essay…EAP and IELTS students worldwide often struggle to really grasp what makes a great piece of writing and to develop the skills necessary to reach this key academic goal.

    From detailed research to intricate referencing, from perceptive planning to eloquence and persuasion, these skills can

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  • There’s more to immersion than relocating 11-Jul-2013

    I have just come across the results of a really interesting study this week about language students’ interaction with their native culture, and how this affects their use of and fluency in the target language. If you want the full title of the study, it’s this:

    “Heritage-culture images disrupt immigrants’ second-language processing

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  • Tackling bad English 28-Jun-2013

    About 10 years ago, I moved to Spain to teach English. I came to the country without a word of Spanish so, as a complete novice, I looked for points of comparison between English and Spanish to give myself a route into the language.

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  • Our ever-expanding English vocabulary 27-Jun-2013

    Marketing and media online magazine The Drum has announced that the word ‘tweeting’ has broken the rules of English vocabulary by officially entering the Oxford English Dictionary, which usually dictates that a word can only enter the dictionary after being in current usage for at least ten years. Established

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  • The Perfect British Accent – Does It Really Exist? 20-Jun-2013

    As I was eating my breakfast this morning, I watched an interview with a young local schoolgirl who had been chosen to give a speech at the G8 summit in Northern Ireland. Hearing her speak made me realise that the Northern Irish accent is an interesting one, and something you don’t

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  • Online language teaching: Language training for charitable organisations 17-Jun-2013

    I discussed in the last chapter how Skype and similar technologies are helping to broaden the possibilities of language learning. One of the key advantages of Skype is the ease with which people can now communicate over long distances. Obviously it was possible in the past using a telephone,

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