• Resources from the English Campus: October 08-Oct-2013

    Each month our Editorial Assistant Liz will be offering a monthly round-up to help keep you updated with all our latest resources on the English Campus. Take a look at what we’ve published this October to see some of our English Campus highlights:

    One of my favourite features on the English

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  • Tackling bad English 28-Jun-2013

    About 10 years ago, I moved to Spain to teach English. I came to the country without a word of Spanish so, as a complete novice, I looked for points of comparison between English and Spanish to give myself a route into the language.

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  • Twitter in ELT: Teaching ideas for using Twitter 20-May-2013

    Using Twitter in an ELT classroom strikes me as being a particularly interesting concept. While the idea of condensing messages into 140 character bursts may seem at odds with supporting linguistic development, viewed another way, Twitter can be a great tool for facilitating communication and encouraging use of English in a

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  • Editor vs. linguist 28-Sep-2012

    My best friend simply cannot tolerate poor punctuation and is outraged on almost a daily basis by “apostrophe abuse” (that’s one of her favourite phrases) and “ungrammatical mauling of written English” (I’m putting words into her mouth here but it’s something that I can imagine her saying). She sees me as

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  • 10 tips to improve your grammar 16-May-2012

    No matter what language you’re learning, grammar is hard. So many rules, exceptions to rules, and exceptions to the exceptions of those rules! Help your students keep on top of their English grammar with this great infographic, with some of the most common grammatical mistakes and tips to boost

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  • Mice or mouses? 11-May-2012

    I don’t consider myself to be particularly anal, except when it comes to my use of English. I hate to be corrected. So it was with a little irritation that I found myself being corrected in a meeting when talking in a general way about computer mouses. “Don’t you mean ‘mice’?”

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  • Thou shall not bore us with grammar 04-May-2012

    In 1951 British philosopher Bertrand Russell published in The New York Times Magazine his Ten Commandments of Teaching which outlined what he felt were the key responsibilities of the role. 

    Whether you feel that these rules have any relevance to today’s ELT classroom or not they can serve as a

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  • 14 Typical mistakes with prepositions 18-Apr-2012

    English prepositions can cause quite a bit of confusion. Students can easily  get lost in the maze of rules and exeptions in regards to English prepositions. The infographic below can help them to organize the prepositions and control the confusions they cause. Maybe you could encourage students to come up with

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  • What’s the point of editors? 13-Apr-2012

    If you hear the word ‘editor’, what are the words that immediately come into your mind?

    When I tried out this word-association game on some friends (some of whom were ELT writers and others not), the result was interesting. One common – and perhaps predictable – theme was the editor’s obsession with

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  • First day fun 26-Aug-2011

    September is almost here and with it the first day of class for many students.  First lessons can be a great opportunity to inject some fun into the classroom and get your students talking to each other.  If you’re stuck for ideas on how to achieve this then why not try

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  • The English subjunctive: keep it or bin it? 11-Aug-2011

    I probably sound strange for saying this, but one of my favourite parts of the French language is the subjunctive. I think I like it because the verb forms, although irregular, are easy to remember; in fact, I think it is because they are irregular that I can remember them so

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  • There is a super hero in all of us! 08-Jun-2011

    This summer we have got an invasion of films based on comic books. First was Thor and we didn’t have to wait long for the new XMan. Next in line are Green Lantern and Captain America. Take some superpower back to class and get your students to transfer into super heroes

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  • MEC Wedding! 27-Apr-2011

    The final preparations for the big royal wedding are coming to an end. We are just 48 hours away from street parties, pubs or sitting in the living room in front of the telly in order to join a massive celebration of the most beloved couple in the British royal family!


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  • Would you like to learn how to talk backwards? 13-Apr-2011

    What’s the difference between dementia and amnesia? What’s an amygdala? Who is Simonides? And what’s a Schwarzenegger movie got to do with all of that?

    Get your students to find the answers by using the brilliant new and shiny Web Project Marvellous memory on Macmillan English Campus.

    Web Projects guide learners to a

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  • Self-publishing with Lulu 05-Jan-2011

    Ever fancied yourself as a writer? Or just wanted to get something published? Then check out http://www.lulu.com (specifically, the publishing section). You can make everything from calendars to eBooks, photo albums to poetry books. It could be a novel way to get creative in a lesson or

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