• Creating eBooks: The eDiary 17-Sep-2013

    There are various ways of describing language in the classroom, using suitable purpose-specific methods and approaches. To me, Jeremy Harmer’s theory of the ESA (Engage- Study- Activate) process in class corresponds with an interactive and motivating way of teaching language and managing learners in the best possible way.

    This idea has led

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  • You Are What You Eat 15-Aug-2013

    A recent survey by experts at the University of Sheffield in the UK has found some interesting trends in British eating habits.  While many people think we’re spending more time apart from our families, eating on our own, on the go, or in front of the television, in reality the story

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  • Are you a good tourist? 08-Aug-2013

    It’s holiday season, and that means that all around the world, people are buying phrasebooks in various languages, and learning key phrases for the holidays: “Where’s the beach?”, “A table for four please” and “I’m a vegetarian!”. And Expedia’s annual report by hoteliers and service staff have ranked various

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  • The SaypYu project: one global language 25-Jul-2013

    A recent article in the Telegraph led me to discover an intriguing collaborative project called SaypYu, whose aim is to create one global alphabet combining all sounds in every language in the world, to standardize spelling and pronunciation. SaypYu stands for Say as you pronounce Universal project,

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  • Plan an excursion with your students 13-Jun-2013

    One of the main things that all language learners usually have in common is the desire to travel and learn about and experience other cultures. However, travelling can be costly, and even daunting for students who don’t speak the local language well. So how can you let your students experience other

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  • Edublogs: blogging for educational institutions 30-May-2013

    I’ve just come across Edublogs and thought it would be very interesting to blendedmec readers. If you’ve been thinking about getting your students to blog (and you should), Edublogs could be the perfect blogging platform for you.
    As the name suggests, Edublogs is an education-focused blogging service, but it

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  • Who do you think you are? 16-May-2013

    National Geographic have recently been running a special series in their magazines and online, about the world’s population of 7 billion people, and how different countries have to adjust in order to cope with this massive population growth.

    The series offers some fantastic articles for use with advanced students, for

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  • Is traditional teaching really “doomed”? 09-May-2013

    As I’m sure you’ll already know, online learning is steaming ahead. In fact you must know, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading the BlendedMEC.com blog right now. A lot of big names have already stepped into the online learning discussion, all the way up to Bill Gates. Now another influential voice

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  • How to teach English? 03-May-2013

    Last year we shared with you a great infographic created by Kaplan on How to Learn English. This year they surveyed ESL teachers on what tools they use to enhance their lessons. As a big fan of comic books I was happy to see that they do

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  • Your digital questions answered: using technology with young learners 02-May-2013

    A great question comes from Luca in Italy, who asks:

    How can I use technology with young learners?

    With great tips on what to think about in terms of keeping your young learners safe, focused and engaged, find out Pete’s answer by watching the video below:

    And don’t forget to find out answers to

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  • The EFL classroom through digital curation 01-May-2013

    I wrote a few weeks ago about the great talk I went to during the last IATEFL conference in Liverpool; MLearning: is it a portable circus or just an illusion. I also had a chance to attend one more interesting talk: Filtering relevant information for the EFL classroom through

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  • Self-access centres: should you or shouldn’t you? 18-Apr-2013

    As part of Digital Awareness Month, our digital gurus Pete and Nana ask a great question which comes from Rachel in New Zealand:

    Should I open a self-access centre?

    To find out the answer, and things you should think about before making this decision, check out the video below.

    And don’t forget to subscribe

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  • More digital dilemmas answered in our videos 11-Apr-2013

    We’re still continuing to spread the word about digital this month by addressing some of your digital dilemmas.

    In this week’s videos we’re looking at a couple of tools that you’re probably used to using for yourself. If you’re teaching in a country away from your family and friends, chances are you’ll

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  • A touch of class 05-Apr-2013

    The BBC has just reported the results of a survey, the largest of its kind ever undertaken, on the thorny subject of class. That is, the social structure here in the UK and which sector we all belong to.

    According to this survey, there are seven different classes that we

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  • Your digital questions answered! 04-Apr-2013

    April is Digital Awareness Month at Macmillan Education, and to help you make the most of using technology to teach English, we’ve invited people from all around the world to ask us their burning digital questions. Now, our resident digital experts, Nana and Peter, have answered them, complete with tips and

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