• Making the most of… 03-Apr-2013

    I started teaching 12 years ago in Manchester. Previously I had completed a degree in American History – an experience I really enjoyed, but not one that opened up many doors in Leicester where I was living at the time. My knowledge of the foreign policy of Harry Truman wasn’t very

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  • Using Google+ as a professional tool 27-Mar-2013

    After last week’s blog post , which considered some of the potential benefits and limitations of using Google+ as a classroom tool, this week I’ll be looking at the uses of Google+ for professional development.

    If you’re already set up with a Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook profile, setting yourself up

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  • Don’t just sit back and listen: feedback on listening with the Macmillan IELTS Skills app 25-Mar-2013

    This week we take a look at the final skill area on the app, having previously focussed on reading, speaking and writing. Listening takes centre stage this time round as we find out what our students and teachers make of the app’s contribution to this often tough to teach aspect of

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  • IELTS gets personal: experimenting with the Macmillan IELTS Skills app 25-Feb-2013

    As teachers of English we are continually being asked to respond to prevalent trends and methodologies that reshape our industry and daily practice. From new teaching methods such as Flipped Learning to the growth in mobile learning and social media usage, we are constantly kept on our toes and

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  • Taking one for the team: a memory test 22-Feb-2013

    A couple of months ago I read an article about a man who learnt a language in 22 hours. The man in question has “never been particularly good at languages” and the language was Lingala (the native tongue of northern Congo and not something that you’d be likely to

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  • Collaborative online whiteboard: Scribblar.com 13-Feb-2013

    When it comes to online tools, what educators usually look for is a simple and effective solution and Scribblar.com seems to fit that description perfectly. It’s a real-time, multi-user whiteboard with an option of live audio and a chat room. There‘s no user or session limits and it’s free.

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  • Mind mapping: bubbl.us 06-Feb-2013

    This is a great tool for brainstorming, mind mapping and getting your students interested in word webs. Bubbl.us can be edited collaboratively and saved in various formats. It’s free and all you need to do is create an account.

    After you have created your account and signed in you will

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  • Burns’ Night 23-Jan-2013

    Every 25th January Scotland celebrates the life of the National Bard, Robert Burns with Burns’ Night; an entertaining evening of food, dancing and verse. It’s held on the anniversary of Burns’ birth. The celebrations were originally started by some of his close friends a few years after his death

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  • The onestopenglish app 16-Jan-2013

    Perhaps I should be worried. The teachers tell me I have a problem. An addiction. The symptoms, they say, are becoming all too obvious – short attention span, the occasional dizzy spell, withdrawal symptoms when I can’t get my fix. Perhaps it’s time to come clean. I have a tablet addiction.

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  • Apps for very young learners 21-Dec-2012

    As an ELT publisher but also proud new mother, one of my favourite things over the last 15 months has been watching my daughter learn language. It has also been fascinating to watch her use technology – as a true digital native she will grow up in a very different world

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  • Peter’s look back at 2012 on Blendedmec 20-Dec-2012

    With Christmas fast approaching and the Macmillan office wrapping up until 2013, (unless it really is the end of the world on Friday) what better time to reflect on the year that has almost left us. I don’t know about you, but in the UK at least 2012 has

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  • Technology in blended learning: eBooks 03-Dec-2012

    Virtual reality

    Looking back over the past three years of my personal and professional development at AVO-Bell Language and Examination Centre in Sofia, I strongly believe that those years have been among the most exciting and inspiring periods of my life.

    At present my job is my hobby. Every day I enter the

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  • Top 5 apps for younger learners 29-Nov-2012

    Kids these days. They’re what we call digital natives and have grown up with tablets, smart phones, apps and Facebook, compared to us, more mature lot, who still remember furiously scribbling notes with a cramped hand, and during orienteering at school, trying to hold a map the size of China while

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  • Language Show Live: Digital literacy meets EAP 28-Nov-2012

    The first stop at the Language Show Live takes us to the EAP area, which is a rather tricky area to teach as it does not only need to be filled with specific content, but also with real life skills which students will be confident to reach to and apply in

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  • Technology in blended learning: The Wiggio platform 19-Nov-2012

    The Wiggio platform – a virtual classroom

    Jimmy Wales, the Wikipedia founder once said, “Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we are doing”.

    That was the reason behind the idea of my school developing not

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