• A Practical Guide to Google+ Hangouts On Air: Part 2 01-Nov-2013

    Starting the hangout

    In Part 1 of this blog post we looked at how to set up a Google+ Hangout, and a few things to consider in preparation for the session. This week we’ll be looking at how to run the

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  • A Practical Guide to Google+ Hangouts On Air: Part 1 24-Oct-2013

    Getting started with Google+ Hangouts On Air

    Following on from my post on Google+ hangouts last week, I thought it would be useful to put together a practical guide on how to set up and run your own ‘on air’ sessions. Where you may currently be using

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  • ‘Hanging out’ with Macmillan 14-Oct-2013

    Ahead of the 2013 Macmillan Online Conference, our Digital Marketing Executive (and resident webinar whiz) Henry gives an insight into our wide range of online events at Macmillan Education. From teacher training webinars to using Google+ Hangouts, this series of blog posts offers basic tips and strategies to help teachers

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  • Reflecting on my learning and teaching style 24-Sep-2013

    If I had to be a learner now, I would describe myself as one with an analytical style towards the issues I should be aware of. I prefer spending time on tackling problems logically and a systematic presentation of new learning material would contribute to my personal preferences. I do not

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  • Creating eBooks: The eDiary 17-Sep-2013

    There are various ways of describing language in the classroom, using suitable purpose-specific methods and approaches. To me, Jeremy Harmer’s theory of the ESA (Engage- Study- Activate) process in class corresponds with an interactive and motivating way of teaching language and managing learners in the best possible way.

    This idea has led

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  • Creating eBooks: Business mail 10-Sep-2013

    In the last three years I have experimented with modern applications such as blogs, wikis, platforms, virtual clouds and forums. They have gained enormous popularity and, in my opinion, they serve as an excellent contribution to the language learning process. All of them can add a feeling of novelty to various

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  • Creating eBooks 03-Sep-2013

    My name is Antoniya Hristova. I am an ESOL teacher in my country Bulgaria, and this is my second opportunity on Blended MEC to share my professional experience with colleagues from all over the world. Over the last 12 months I have been inspired by international language consultant

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  • Online language teaching: Future technologies 24-Jun-2013

    Previously in the series I discussed how new technologies are helping to shape the course of online language training, but with technology advancing so quickly, what could be in store for us in the future?

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  • Online language teaching: Language training for charitable organisations 17-Jun-2013

    I discussed in the last chapter how Skype and similar technologies are helping to broaden the possibilities of language learning. One of the key advantages of Skype is the ease with which people can now communicate over long distances. Obviously it was possible in the past using a telephone,

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  • Online language teaching: Modern technologies in language training 10-Jun-2013

    When I tell people we teach students English by Skype the reaction is usually the same ‘Oh that sounds interesting, how does it work’? In essence it works the same as any normal face to face English lesson.

    The teacher calls the student by Skype at the beginning of the

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  • Online language teaching 03-Jun-2013

    This series hopes to explore a wider application of Online language teaching, how modern technology has come to play a big role in developing language training and what are its wider implications in the future.

    Four years ago I embarked on creating and managing my own language school. I had been working

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  • Making the most of your career 29-Apr-2013

    Over the last eight years I’ve looked at a lot of CVs and done a lot of interviews. Some people have bowled me over with their brilliance – Some – like the guy who sent me a CV saying it was his lifelong dream to work at our ‘internationally famous hotel’

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  • Making the most of your time 22-Apr-2013

    Time is not always on the side of the English teacher. There’s a lot to be done – from planning lessons to marking homework; from reading blogs like this to actually having a life! However, sometimes we can be our own worst enemies…

    But there really is no need to suffer –

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  • Making the most of training sessions 15-Apr-2013

    For many teachers, what separates a ‘good’ from a ‘bad’ school is how much development is available. I once worked for a school that offered zero training. Ever the optimist, I often approached the director with the suggestion that the odd training session or two might not be a bad idea.

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  • Making the Most of observations 08-Apr-2013

    The great thing about being DoS is that you occasionally get to behave like Darth Vader – marching through the corridors, menacing footsteps echoing as you strike terror into the heart of the innocent hero of our story – the poor teacher. When? On observation day, of course.

    Observations can have devastating

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