• Resources from the English Campus: November 20-Nov-2013

    Each month our Editorial Assistant Liz will be offering a monthly round-up to help keep you updated with all our latest resources on the English Campus. Take a look at what we’ve published this November to see some of our English Campus highlights:

    It’s been another bumper month for the English Campus!

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  • ‘Hanging out’ with Macmillan 14-Oct-2013

    Ahead of the 2013 Macmillan Online Conference, our Digital Marketing Executive (and resident webinar whiz) Henry gives an insight into our wide range of online events at Macmillan Education. From teacher training webinars to using Google+ Hangouts, this series of blog posts offers basic tips and strategies to help teachers

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  • Resources from the English Campus: October 08-Oct-2013

    Each month our Editorial Assistant Liz will be offering a monthly round-up to help keep you updated with all our latest resources on the English Campus. Take a look at what we’ve published this October to see some of our English Campus highlights:

    One of my favourite features on the English

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  • Creating eBooks: The eDiary 17-Sep-2013

    There are various ways of describing language in the classroom, using suitable purpose-specific methods and approaches. To me, Jeremy Harmer’s theory of the ESA (Engage- Study- Activate) process in class corresponds with an interactive and motivating way of teaching language and managing learners in the best possible way.

    This idea has led

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  • Creating eBooks: Business mail 10-Sep-2013

    In the last three years I have experimented with modern applications such as blogs, wikis, platforms, virtual clouds and forums. They have gained enormous popularity and, in my opinion, they serve as an excellent contribution to the language learning process. All of them can add a feeling of novelty to various

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  • Feeling nostalgic about going #Back2School? 05-Sep-2013

    The title of this post says it all: things have changed a lot recently! The hashtag has arguably become the most used punctuation mark, especially on the internet: I have friends who, when they text me, won’t include question marks or explanation marks, or even use correct spelling, but they will

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  • Creating eBooks 03-Sep-2013

    My name is Antoniya Hristova. I am an ESOL teacher in my country Bulgaria, and this is my second opportunity on Blended MEC to share my professional experience with colleagues from all over the world. Over the last 12 months I have been inspired by international language consultant

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  • New term, new resources 22-Aug-2013

    August is very quickly drawing to a close and that means only one thing for Macmillan Education: it’s the start of the new school term!

    That first class with a new group of students is always scary, exciting and unpredictable in equal measure, but it’s always good to remind yourself that the

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  • Edublogs: blogging for educational institutions 30-May-2013

    I’ve just come across Edublogs and thought it would be very interesting to blendedmec readers. If you’ve been thinking about getting your students to blog (and you should), Edublogs could be the perfect blogging platform for you.
    As the name suggests, Edublogs is an education-focused blogging service, but it

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  • Twitter in ELT: Teaching ideas for using Twitter 20-May-2013

    Using Twitter in an ELT classroom strikes me as being a particularly interesting concept. While the idea of condensing messages into 140 character bursts may seem at odds with supporting linguistic development, viewed another way, Twitter can be a great tool for facilitating communication and encouraging use of English in a

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  • Is traditional teaching really “doomed”? 09-May-2013

    As I’m sure you’ll already know, online learning is steaming ahead. In fact you must know, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading the BlendedMEC.com blog right now. A lot of big names have already stepped into the online learning discussion, all the way up to Bill Gates. Now another influential voice

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  • Your digital questions answered: using technology with young learners 02-May-2013

    A great question comes from Luca in Italy, who asks:

    How can I use technology with young learners?

    With great tips on what to think about in terms of keeping your young learners safe, focused and engaged, find out Pete’s answer by watching the video below:

    And don’t forget to find out answers to

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  • The EFL classroom through digital curation 01-May-2013

    I wrote a few weeks ago about the great talk I went to during the last IATEFL conference in Liverpool; MLearning: is it a portable circus or just an illusion. I also had a chance to attend one more interesting talk: Filtering relevant information for the EFL classroom through

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  • Self-access centres: should you or shouldn’t you? 18-Apr-2013

    As part of Digital Awareness Month, our digital gurus Pete and Nana ask a great question which comes from Rachel in New Zealand:

    Should I open a self-access centre?

    To find out the answer, and things you should think about before making this decision, check out the video below.

    And don’t forget to subscribe

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  • More digital dilemmas answered in our videos 11-Apr-2013

    We’re still continuing to spread the word about digital this month by addressing some of your digital dilemmas.

    In this week’s videos we’re looking at a couple of tools that you’re probably used to using for yourself. If you’re teaching in a country away from your family and friends, chances are you’ll

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