• Feeling nostalgic about going #Back2School? 05-Sep-2013

    The title of this post says it all: things have changed a lot recently! The hashtag has arguably become the most used punctuation mark, especially on the internet: I have friends who, when they text me, won’t include question marks or explanation marks, or even use correct spelling, but they will

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  • Taking the E out of ELT 14-Jun-2013

    I have been immersed in the world of ELT for over six years now and, although it’s full of ‘linguistic immigrants’ like me, there have been times when I felt slightly worried about my non-native-speaker status. The main issue has been pronunciation, especially when drilling students but also my fear of

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  • Do something you don’t want to do every day 06-Jun-2013

    June has arrived, meaning we’re somehow already halfway through the year. That’s almost six months since those New Year resolutions you made. How many of you kept those gym passes? Stayed on the salads every day up until now? Put out that last cigarette? I’m not trying to make

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  • Is traditional teaching really “doomed”? 09-May-2013

    As I’m sure you’ll already know, online learning is steaming ahead. In fact you must know, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading the BlendedMEC.com blog right now. A lot of big names have already stepped into the online learning discussion, all the way up to Bill Gates. Now another influential voice

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  • Making the most of your career 29-Apr-2013

    Over the last eight years I’ve looked at a lot of CVs and done a lot of interviews. Some people have bowled me over with their brilliance – Some – like the guy who sent me a CV saying it was his lifelong dream to work at our ‘internationally famous hotel’

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  • Making the most of your time 22-Apr-2013

    Time is not always on the side of the English teacher. There’s a lot to be done – from planning lessons to marking homework; from reading blogs like this to actually having a life! However, sometimes we can be our own worst enemies…

    But there really is no need to suffer –

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  • Making the Most of observations 08-Apr-2013

    The great thing about being DoS is that you occasionally get to behave like Darth Vader – marching through the corridors, menacing footsteps echoing as you strike terror into the heart of the innocent hero of our story – the poor teacher. When? On observation day, of course.

    Observations can have devastating

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  • Making the most of… 03-Apr-2013

    I started teaching 12 years ago in Manchester. Previously I had completed a degree in American History – an experience I really enjoyed, but not one that opened up many doors in Leicester where I was living at the time. My knowledge of the foreign policy of Harry Truman wasn’t very

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  • From teacher to manager to conference speaker… 29-Oct-2012

    Tinker, tailor, soldier, jack-of-all-trades

    Jammy. That’s what my dad would call me. Opportunities just seem to rear out of nowhere and drop, screaming faintly, into my welcoming lap. My ever-loving boyfriend would dispute this and declare that you make your own luck, that everything I have achieved is a product of my

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  • From teacher to manager: UK vs. Oz… same same or different? 22-Oct-2012

    Teaching ESOL in England and ELICOS in Australia – it’s not just warm vs. cold beer!

    George Bernard Shaw famously described the UK and the US as “two nations divided by a common language” but what about England and Australia? Both countries (allegedly) speak English and teach English. We dream of Olympic

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  • From teacher to manager: CPD. What the…? 15-Oct-2012

    CPD. Continual Professional Development, not ‘Conjunctions Produce Drama’ nor ‘Crikey! Prepositions Debilitate’. What is it and why is it important? For all teachers, at all stages of their career, CPD is a must, whether it is formally or informally implemented. Some colleges insist that their staff ‘put in’ a minimum number

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  • From teacher to manager: Installing a creativity app in teachers 08-Oct-2012

    Some practical ways to encourage creativity in the staffroom and classroom

    Having been born missing my lower left arm I had to be creative right from birth. My poor parents panicked… would I be able to crawl? How would I manage to swim? Would I have to wear Velcro shoes forever?!

    Of course,

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  • From teacher to manager…the first year 01-Oct-2012

    The step from teaching staff to management can be a traumatic one. We rarely get any training or support but are merely plucked from the ranks of foot soldiers and elevated to our new lofty position where we are expected to suddenly, instantaneously develop a whole raft of new skills and

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  • Practical information about e-learning: statistics and reports 19-Sep-2012

    In the third part of this series I am going to talk about statistics. Although a lot of us are taken aback by large quantities of numbers, being able to use statistics is a powerful tool when predicting problems, providing feedback and finding better solutions by analyzing data. I am one of

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  • Practical information about e-learning: recruitment and training 05-Sep-2012

    As my introduction promised, in the first article of the series I am going to concentrate on the topic of teacher recruitment and training. E-learning in this case means blended learning, the combination of traditional classes with various computer-mediated activities. I am going to talk about the importance of selecting the right

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