• Reflecting on my learning and teaching style 24-Sep-2013

    If I had to be a learner now, I would describe myself as one with an analytical style towards the issues I should be aware of. I prefer spending time on tackling problems logically and a systematic presentation of new learning material would contribute to my personal preferences. I do not

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  • The EFL classroom through digital curation 01-May-2013

    I wrote a few weeks ago about the great talk I went to during the last IATEFL conference in Liverpool; MLearning: is it a portable circus or just an illusion. I also had a chance to attend one more interesting talk: Filtering relevant information for the EFL classroom through

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  • Onestopenglish at IATEFL 2013 19-Apr-2013

    As onestopenglish publisher, I speak regularly with all the teachers and expert authors who produce lesson plans and worksheets for the site. I love the immediacy and variety of the job: teachers from all over the world visit the site – according to our analytics software we reach teachers in over

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  • Culture clash 15-Nov-2012

    One of my favourite discoveries this year has been Varham Muratyan’s Paris versus New York series. Varham is an artist and designer and created the beautiful Paris versus New York which is due to be published as a book  later this year. The idea was

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  • From teacher to manager: Installing a creativity app in teachers 08-Oct-2012

    Some practical ways to encourage creativity in the staffroom and classroom

    Having been born missing my lower left arm I had to be creative right from birth. My poor parents panicked… would I be able to crawl? How would I manage to swim? Would I have to wear Velcro shoes forever?!

    Of course,

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  • The Power of Poetry 20-Jul-2012

    I’ve just been to my son’s end-of-year show and have come away inspired, as he has been throughout this transformational year – his second year of primary school.

    We were taken on a whirlwind tour of all the things they have learnt. They recited poems they had written, including a brilliant one

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  • Picture perfect 22-Jun-2012

    I don’t want to rub it in or anything but I’ve just been on an AMAZING holiday. Calling it the ‘holiday of a lifetime’ tinges it with a little sadness, as it implies that I will never again sail inviting turquoise waters, feel a warm breeze dance across my shoulders and

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  • IELTS writing with Flickr: essays for the digital age 07-May-2012


    Flickr is a free online platform which allows members to upload and share their photos. Users can annotate and comment on the images, create sets and slideshows of their photos, and join groups based around particular themes and interests.

    It occurred to me that these features might well be harnessed to engage

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  • Slideshow storytelling 15-Feb-2012

    “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but what if you can add the whole slideshow, words, sentences and accompany it with music?

    Your students regularly post pictures on Facebook or Twitter and comment on them, so why not take their witty commenting skills into the English class. PhotoPeach.com is

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  • Skills: Penzu a writing tool 01-Feb-2012

    Creative writing

    I’ve recently noticed how technology is affecting my writing. I definitely cut down on writing using a fountain pen or pen, and I can see its effects as my handwriting quality has unfortunately started going down hill. It’s mostly because I tend to write more emails instead of letters and

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  • New Year’s resolutions infographics 04-Jan-2012

    And here we are again, it is the beginning of January we are all fresh, positive and ready to make big changes and promises.

    Below you can find an infographic on how New Year’s resolutions are made, what goes wrong and how successfully complete your goals.

    How to use it with students?

    I think

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  • Obama’s dis/approval rating: 46 is the magic number 03-Nov-2011

    With just under a year to go until Election Day in the United States, the New York Times reports that Barack Obama’s approval rating is at 46%. Funnily enough, his disapproval rating is also 46%. Ultimately, as many people approve of the current President of the United States as disapprove. It

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  • Fashion Central 23-Sep-2011

    This week London has seen the world’s fashionistas flock into town for its annual fashion week.  So how might you incorporate the festivities into your classes?  London fashion week has a great website that you can use as a jumping off point for a lesson about all things sartorial. 

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  • Clichés and idioms 22-Sep-2011

    Understanding and using clichés and idioms in a foreign language is a sign of great comprehension: it edges your language right up there with that of native speakers, and helps you communicate in a more realistic way. What is difficult about these aspects of language, particularly idioms, is that they differ

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  • Is this The Queue? 29-Jun-2011

    For the 125th time tennis fans join the world’s top tennis players at The All England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon, London, to witness the world’s most prestigious grass tennis tournament. Not only is Wimbledon a major sports event for tennis fans from all over the planet (go Federer!!),

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