• Make your students the stars 19-Sep-2013

    Here at Macmillan Education, we’ve got lots of exciting webinars coming up over the next few months. Our first webinar of the 2013/14 season, hosted by Mike Hogan, is available to watch here on Youtube, along with our recent archive, and you can find all our upcoming

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  • Feeling nostalgic about going #Back2School? 05-Sep-2013

    The title of this post says it all: things have changed a lot recently! The hashtag has arguably become the most used punctuation mark, especially on the internet: I have friends who, when they text me, won’t include question marks or explanation marks, or even use correct spelling, but they will

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  • You Are What You Eat 15-Aug-2013

    A recent survey by experts at the University of Sheffield in the UK has found some interesting trends in British eating habits.  While many people think we’re spending more time apart from our families, eating on our own, on the go, or in front of the television, in reality the story

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  • Online language teaching: Language training for charitable organisations 17-Jun-2013

    I discussed in the last chapter how Skype and similar technologies are helping to broaden the possibilities of language learning. One of the key advantages of Skype is the ease with which people can now communicate over long distances. Obviously it was possible in the past using a telephone,

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  • Online language teaching: Modern technologies in language training 10-Jun-2013

    When I tell people we teach students English by Skype the reaction is usually the same ‘Oh that sounds interesting, how does it work’? In essence it works the same as any normal face to face English lesson.

    The teacher calls the student by Skype at the beginning of the

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  • Who do you think you are? 16-May-2013

    National Geographic have recently been running a special series in their magazines and online, about the world’s population of 7 billion people, and how different countries have to adjust in order to cope with this massive population growth.

    The series offers some fantastic articles for use with advanced students, for

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  • Is traditional teaching really “doomed”? 09-May-2013

    As I’m sure you’ll already know, online learning is steaming ahead. In fact you must know, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading the BlendedMEC.com blog right now. A lot of big names have already stepped into the online learning discussion, all the way up to Bill Gates. Now another influential voice

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  • Your digital questions answered: using technology with young learners 02-May-2013

    A great question comes from Luca in Italy, who asks:

    How can I use technology with young learners?

    With great tips on what to think about in terms of keeping your young learners safe, focused and engaged, find out Pete’s answer by watching the video below:

    And don’t forget to find out answers to

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  • Your digital questions answered! 04-Apr-2013

    April is Digital Awareness Month at Macmillan Education, and to help you make the most of using technology to teach English, we’ve invited people from all around the world to ask us their burning digital questions. Now, our resident digital experts, Nana and Peter, have answered them, complete with tips and

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  • Macmillan IELTS Skills app: a summary video 01-Apr-2013

    Thank you to Rui and the team for their insightful views and thorough assessment of the Macmillan IELTS skills app over the past few weeks. As a final treat, they’ve prepared a video and shared it with us summarizing their experiences.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed the series as much as

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  • Video in the classroom: Britain on Film 14-Mar-2013

    I don’t normally watch much television. Last night, however, was a bit of an exception given it was a Monday night and absolutely freezing outside to boot. While flicking through the channels, I stumbled across a programme called Britain on Film, a collection of fascinating short videos from the

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  • And the winner is… 28-Feb-2013

    Not many small 85-year-old men can command an audience of millions around the globe, but the excitement created around little Oscar creates each year for film stars and avid movie fans was felt on Sunday night as the biggest stars graced the red carpet outside the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

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  • Do the motivation with me 25-Jan-2013

    Despite coming up with a (great) idea for this blog post several weeks ago, I still left it until the day before it was due to write it. Why? I simply lacked the motivation/had other things to do. Well, there’s always something else to do, isn’t there? And this happened even

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  • Burns’ Night 23-Jan-2013

    Every 25th January Scotland celebrates the life of the National Bard, Robert Burns with Burns’ Night; an entertaining evening of food, dancing and verse. It’s held on the anniversary of Burns’ birth. The celebrations were originally started by some of his close friends a few years after his death

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  • Looking back at 2012 on blendedmec 13-Dec-2012

    It’s almost the end of 2012 and soon, 2013 will be upon us! I love Christmas time and it’s the perfect opportunity to look back at what the past year has brought us before moving on to new and exciting things. With that in mind, I’d like to use my final

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