Claire Pye


I fell in love with South American literature while studying modern languages at Oxford University, so when one of my English students, Fernando, offered me a job at a secondary school in Colombia, I couldn’t say no. One trial year in Medellín turned into four happy years teaching secondary school and then business students, as well as translating poetry for the amazing International Poetry Festival in Medellín.

Back in London in time for the start of a new millennium, I managed to secure my dream job in publishing and have been working on digital and book projects ever since. I’ve even written a few non-fiction books for children: one of them was about the weird and wonderful animals that might inhabit our planet 200 million years in the future!

I have worked at Macmillan for eight years now, publishing pre-school and primary ELT courses before joining the Onestopenglish team in 2005. It’s a great job, but if I’ve accidentally given the impression of a life of international travel and glamour, let me explode the myth: after a hard day at the office, it’s straight back home for dinner with my two mischievous little boys!