Classroom politics


This month marks the 57th US presidential elections, as the clash between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama draws to a conclusion on the 6th November 2012. With the election as our seasonal highlight of this month, we’re delving into our archive in search of all things political to help you tackle this tricky topic.

Written this time last year, Becca’s article US Presidential Elections: one year to go offers a useful perspective on Obama’s presidency, plus some handy teaching tips on integrating the election into classroom teaching.

To develop this topic for more advanced students, why not use a short video clip of US presidential debate as a conversational starting point? Challenge students in groups to watch the video and see if they can deduce the main issues at stake for both presidential candidates.


Lindsay Clanfield’s lesson plan on onestopenglish offers ideas to engage teen students, using a reverse quiz as a way of making more complex ideas understandable to students of varying competence levels.

Across the pond, 2012 has also represented an eventful year for our monarchy here in the UK. This Whistlestop on The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee reflects back on the reign of Elizabeth II, offering a glimpse into the historical differences between politics in the UK and US.

Finally, make sure to keep up to date with our latest News items to stay abreast of the latest politics resources.