David Baker


Like most of the team, my career began in teaching. After several years teaching English in Paris (in companies and at the University of Paris), I returned to the UK do a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. I then worked for fourteen years as an ELT publisher, specializing in Business English, ESP and grammar and am now working as a freelance publisher and materials writer.

I am currently working as Acting Publisher of the Macmillan English Campus website (while Jenny Lovel is on maternity leave). Previously I worked on the onestopenglish website as an acting commissioning editor and latterly as a writer. I wrote a series of lessons on Communication skills for Business, another on Marketing and am currently working on another on Human Resources (HR).

I went to school in London and moved back here from Oxford six years ago when I went freelance. I’m really enjoying being a Londoner again, although it has changed a lot since I last lived here. I recently produced a set of communication skills videos for MEC (appearing later this year), and am now enjoying being able to visit different theatres in London in order to see the various plays which members of our talented video cast are appearing in.