Erica Walduck


I’m Erica, the resident MEC designer. Having come from a TV broadcasting background I’m new to the world of ELT, ESP, ESOL, CLIL and all the countless other acronyms that I’ve had to get my head around over the last few months.

Although I haven’t experienced teaching abroad, I do have a passion for travelling and have been helped out many times by friendly locals using their English skills to point me in the right direction. Consequently, I have a massive appreciation for anyone willing to learn the English language.

Working for MEC is definitely a varied life for a designer. One day I’m putting together teacher’s worksheets, the next I’m ‘Getting Geeky with Peachey’ with the designs for a homepage competition banner.

I love living in London with its melting pot of cultures. Even though I’ve lived here most of my life, I’m still able to discover something entirely new about the city every time I leave the house.