Eva Maria Schmidt


I grew up surrounded by snowy mountains, by the tunes of Mozart and “The Sound of Music”, and by delicacies such as Apfelstrudel and Glühwein. Having finished my degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Salzburg, I decided to leave my lovely hometown to become a “professional Englishwoman”.

If on the road, I’m never without a fascinating piece of English literature (preferably Woolf, Mansfield, Wilde, Fitzgerald) and my latest knitting project (at the moment a triangular scarf in purple). At home in London you usually find me cheerfully cycling around on my beautiful lilac vintage bike (with wicker basket, of course!). If you see my bike leaning outside the bakery around the corner you’ll surely find me inside eagerly glancing at the  cakes, on one of my frequent missions to discover sweet treats reminding me of Salzburg.