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Throughout the year we’ll be hosting webinars and talks focused on online resources and technology, as well as general tips and ideas for the EFL classroom.  All our online events are free to attend, so make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events below. If you’re interested in learning more or you’ve missed a recent event, visit the archive at the bottom of the page for all the recordings of past events.

Macmillan English Campus online demonstration

Thursday 12th September, 10am and 4pm UK time

Sept13 PeekJoin schools all over the world and see what Macmillan English Campus can do for you and your students.

The English Campus can give you unrivalled online learning that aids teaching both in and out of the classroom. Updated regularly it has over 4,000 resources so you’re never short on variety in your teaching.

You can assign your students tests and courses to follow or allow them to search for resources on their own, meaning you can be as hands on or hands off as you like. To see for yourself how Macmillan English Campus can improve students’ learning whilst lightening your teacher’s load, come along to our free demo. Click here to sign up.

Google Hangout:

Tamas Lorincz, Favourite Warmers & Coolers

Wednesday 18th September 4pm UK time

icons_gPlusThis autumn, Macmillan Education goes #Back2School, bringing you a rucksack full of resources to make sure you’re equipped for the start of a new school term. We’ll be hosting a series of methodology hangouts on Google+, so make sure to join us then!

In our first Google+ Hangout this academic year, we invite you to share some of the exercises you enjoy using at the beginning or the end of the lesson to “warm up” or “cool down” the class. Join your host, Tamas Lorincz, and fellow ELT professionals to discuss a range of effective, quick and light activities which can be used to create a constructive classroom atmosphere.

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Open House: Going through the e-motions – digital essay projects for EAP and IELTS

Thursday 26th September 2013, 3pm UK time

The elusive academic essay…EAP and IELTS students worldwide often struggle to really grasp what makes a great piece of writing and to develop the skills necessary to reach this key academic goal.

From detailed research to intricate referencing, from perceptive planning to eloquence and persuasion, these skills can be daunting stops on a learner’s journey. But as teachers we can change this narrative: by helping students to visualise the bigger picture of an essay as an act of communication; by setting up engaging, multimedia, multisensory tasks and projects that bring the elusive and abstract academic essay into their worlds, step by digital step.

Join Rui for this one-off webinar and pick up some top tips about preparing students for an academic essay in these digital times. Sign up here.

Rui da Silva has over 10 years’ experience in ELT and is a keen advocate for technology in education. Learn more about Rui in his BlendedMEC blog series here.


Google Hangout: 
Mike Hogan, Back to basics – Creating a feedback culture

Wednesday 16th October 4pm (UK time)

icons_gPlusWhen we start a new course or a new group, we usually think about elements of group dynamics, time management, syllabus and structure, and so on. The topic of feedback, however, is often overlooked at this point despite the fact that it represents the most appropriate stage to discuss it. In this Google+ Hangout, Mike Hogan will give you some tips for creating a healthy and productive two-way on-going feedback culture with your new groups. We will then open the discussion for you to share your ideas and experience.

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You can keep up with all that is happening in the Macmillan English Campus world through our Events Calendar. And don’t forget to check out the Macmillan English webinars page for more exlusive talks from ELT experts.


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