Language Show Live moments to remember


For the first time last month, I attended the Language Show Live in London. As it was my fist Language Show I had big expectations and wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.  This event is a great celebration of languages and their cultures, you had a chance to participate not only in seminars and workshops, but also experience hands on activities in the Technology Zone and attend intensive language classes as well as food tasting.

Although the programme was packed with very interesting events I managed to attend 4 seminars/ workshops on the day I was at the Show. Still, the events I went to filled my notebook with a selection of great tools to use in teaching. They gave hope that it’s not too late and I can still learn another language; as well as the fact that I’m not a cool kid as I was taking notes using a pen and notepad…

You can find more details about what I found interesting at the Language Show Live in the coming postings:

28th November– Digital Literacy meets EAP

5th December– Fun ways for effective use of technology in your language classroom

12th December– Online real-time communication

19th December– Speaking in tongues: Added value of multilingualism



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