How to become an ELT writer


There are hundreds of ELT teachers who, at some stage of their teaching careers, are thinking about becoming an ELT writer or combining teaching with ELT writing. We would like to give you a closer look at what might be a route to become an ELT writer and what it’s like to be one.

In this video I interview Annie Altamirano, who is an ELT writer and teacher. Annie talks about becoming an ELT writer and how she finds ideas for new material. She also gives tips to people who are thinking about becoming ELT writers.

Things you may learn from the video:

•    How you can become an ELT writer
•    What it takes to be a good ELT writer
•    Where the ideas for ELT content usually come from
•    What the biggest challenge in creating ELT material is
•    Difficulties in writing English teaching material you can come across



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