Digital awareness month at Macmillan Education: wrap up and competition


As part of our 10th birthday, digital expertise celebration , throughout April we at Macmillan Education have been celebrating digital awareness in EFL.  We’ve invited people from all around the world to ask us their burning digital questions and our resident digital experts, Nana and Peter, have answered them in short videos, complete with tips and suggestions to help you take advantage of all the fantastic ELT technology out there. We’ve been releasing new videos every week throughout April and hope you have enjoyed watching them and have found out a little bit more on how to use technology in your classes. You can find all the videos here or in our YouTube channel.

To celebrate the end of our month of digital awareness we will be giving away goodie bags at @macmillancampus to the first person who correctly answers on Twitter any of our digital questions at different times throughout next week from Monday 29th April –Friday 3rd May 2013.

If you don’t want to miss out on a chance to win a goodie bag follow us on Twitter @macmillancampus and keep your eyes peeled for the questions next week!


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