Feeling nostalgic about going #Back2School?


The title of this post says it all: things have changed a lot recently! The hashtag has arguably become the most used punctuation mark, especially on the internet: I have friends who, when they text me, won’t include question marks or explanation marks, or even use correct spelling, but they will include multiple hashtags at the end. And in this age of #Twitter and #Facebook and #Google Hangouts (am I using it right?), that’s not surprising.

But here at Macmillan Education, we want to take you back to the good old days, not the #GoodOldDays! We’ve got a whole range of exciting events and offers to help you get back into the new term with fresh ideas and resources, as well as reminding you of how teaching used to be before gadgets, e-learning and apps stormed the stage! So here’s a selection of up-coming Macmillan events to keep your eye on…

Back2School Hangouts

Our first Google+ Hangout of the term will be on Wednesday 18th September at 4pm UK time, and will be hosted by Tamas Lorincz: it’s all about Warmers and Coolers, so come along and get involved! You can check out the trailer below:

We answer your digital questions

After our very popular series of “Your digital questions answered” earlier this summer, we’re feeling generous and doing it all over again! We’ve just closed the entries for new questions, but watch this space (our YouTube channel) for the next batch of questions answered by our digital gurus, Nana and Peter.

September sale on methodology titles

To help you inject some fresh new resources into your lessons this year, throughout September we’re offering 20% off a range of methodology titles. The discount code you need to use is B2S20 and it applies on the following titles: Teaching English Grammar, Blended Learning, Learning Teaching, A to Z of ELT, 500 Activites for the Primary Classroom, 700 Classroom Activities and 400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards.

Help for academic English teachers

If you’re about to start tackling the art of the academic essay with your students, why not attend our exciting webinar, Going through the e-motions: digital essay projects for EAP and IELTS. Hosted by Rui da Silva, this exciting webinar will give you loads of innovative ideas for getting your students excited about and engaged in academic writing!

With all of these exciting happenings, 2013 is clearly going to be a very good school year! You can also follow our very own #Back2School hashtag to keep up-to-date with what we’re doing. For now, why not relax for a few minutes in between teaching your first few lessons, and reminisce about the good old days with this classic movie clip that I’m sure we can all appreciate… even if just a little bit!



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