July MEC clinic – Using MEC in class


MEC Training Coordinator, Steph Earnshaw writes:

On the 4th July we held our 11th online Macmillan English Campus clinic, giving ideas for how to use MEC resources in your classroom.

You can download a PDF of the full presentation by clicking the link below.

Using MEC in class.ppt (3.71 MB)

But if you haven’t got time to read all that, below are some top tips for Using MEC in class:

1.      How can you lead in to the MEC resource? What would be a good lesson warmer or introduction activity?

2.      Even though you are working online with MEC, the lesson can still involve pair-work, speaking activities, etc. In class learners want to benefit from your help. MEC can provide lesson content as a basis for teacher input in the lesson. Learners can consolidate and practice new language on MEC for homework.

3.      How can you modify the level of challenge? (Create an information gap exercise, cover bits of text or pictures using the MEC hint box or the listening window.)

4.      Will students benefit from doing the same activity at home again? What related MEC resources could you set as follow-up or homework? (Language exercises have accompanying Grammar Reference Units. News Items are great as a follow-up to a MEC Listening or Vocabulary activity.)

The clinic participants were:

Milena Montalbano – IH MERATE – LECCO

Mafy Gallinetti – IH MERATE – LECCO

Spohie Behagg – EmbassyCES, Brighton

Vivienne Antognini – Language Consultants S.r.l.

Ken Jones- Language Consultants S.r.l.

Jose Willis – IH Livorno

A big thanks to everyone who participated. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and comments – especially if you have any amazing MEC lesson plans!

If you are interested in attending the next MEC clinic you can contact us by leaving a comment or emailing s.earnshaw@macmillan.com

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