July MEC clinic


along to our next clinic presented by our very own


Steph is going to share
some of her favourite MEC and onestopenglish resources with us as
well as demonstrate how you can use them. The clinic will take place on 15th July at 2pm UK time.

Some of you may already
know Steph as she was Training Coordinator for us not so long ago. She is
currently living an exciting life in teaching English and writes
regular diary entries for onestopenglish. As
always if you’d like to sign up for this clinic just send me an email at s.milligan@macmillan.com.

What are MEC clinic?

MEC clinics are short sessions involving groups
of no more than 25. They are on a first-come, first-served basis to any MEC teachers.


How much
is it?

It is free of charge!


How can it benefit me?

MEC clinics give you an
opportunity to develop your knowledge of digital resources. You will have a
chance to find out more about online learning, resources and the use of
technology in your day to day teaching.

How long
is it?

The session is 1-1.30 hours


What do
I need to do?

We will set up and host the
sessions. Those attending simply need a computer with internet access, sound
and ideally a microphone. Don’t forget a cup of tea!


  • EXCELLENT mateial!!!!
    I’ve been trying your suggestions and they have really worked!!!
    Thanks for helping all of us!

    Posted by Roxana Gonzalez on June 28th 2010

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