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MEC Training Assistant, Steph Earnshaw, writes:

On 6th November we held the fifth MEC clinic. Vilson Coimbra of CISP, presented his ideas for integrating Campus activities into your lesson plan.


Vilson Coimbra

Click on the links below to see a downloadable PDF of Vilson’s clinic presentation:

Integrating Campus activities into your lesson plan.pdf (871.92 KB) 

Vilson has been working with Campus for over three years and was able to provide some really useful examples of how to use MEC in class. At CISP Campus is used as part of the general curriculum and also for remedial work and distance courses. They previously used Campus with data projectors for class work but they have now successfully moved on to interactive whiteboards for all their MEC classroom activities. You can find out more about Vilson and CISP by clicking here and here.

The clinic participants were:

Marc Pillich-Wright – EAQUALS, Romania

Katia Lotte – FL&C, France

Sandra Brady – FL&C, France  

Karen Thompson – FL&C, France

Astrid Krake – VHS, Germany

Donna Liersch – VHS, Germany

Thank you very much to Vilson and everyone who took part. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and comments.


  • Hi
    Vilson was a key member of the Cultura Inglesa team who I started work with in 2001 on the development of their Campus so I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to be able to have a representative of our longest-standing Campus partner talking to some newer arrivals in the MEC global ‘family’. We’ve talked at MEC about how to share accumulated knowledge and experience and it is now good to see the blog and the clinics doing that.

    Posted by Fiona MacKenzie on November 08th 2007

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