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MEC Trainer, Jo Scellier, writes:


Jo Scellier

On Wednesday 11th July I conducted a MEC Clinic for ANZ (Australia and ) Embassy schools. Participants linked up via computer and phone and were taken through a 60 minute training session. There were about 13 MEC Champions, administrators and teachers who joined the clinic from their schools in different states such as Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney.

ANZ Embassy launched MEC at the beginning of 2007 and has undertaken several training sessions for their MEC Champions and administrators. These have focused on various aspects of using MEC from general navigation of the different student, teacher and administration areas to building courses and assigning courses to classes. So, before I delivered the clinic I sent out a questionnaire to all participants to find out how they were implementing MEC, integrating it into the classroom and training teachers and students.


Some really valuable feedback from the questionnaire was received. Here’s a summary:

  • Communication between teachers and students regarding MEC is really good within the schools. However, between the schools it’s a bit trickier to keep in touch and share information. So, I suggested setting up an online forum using a free site such or Alternatively, this blog could be a useful way to connect with other schools by placing comments or writing postings.

  • Teachers have generally taken to MEC well with some teachers really loving it. The Embassy MEC Champions have used MEC training materials to train teachers during in-house professional development sessions and found it really useful. They’ve also developed some simple training materials for students. (You can find more teaching materials on the MEC support site.)
  • Students at ANZ Embassy love the games and teachers have found them to be a positive way of introducing MEC. I’m not surprised as the games are not only fun and interactive but also useful English language learning tools. The other resource areas that have been popular so far are the Language Tests and Exam Preparation exercises. Teachers said they find these very useful and students are really taking to them, too!

Below are five points I asked the participants to think about. You might find them helpful for own institution or school:

1. How are your Campus champions and local administrators getting on with MEC? How could they be helped or supported further?

2. What IT considerations do you need to make?

3. What forums do you have to communicate with your colleagues and share ideas on using MEC, especially those teaching in different branches?

4. Have you conducted teacher and student training? If so, what worked and what didn’t?

5. What awareness campaigns could you consider for your learners?


  • Hi Jo
    It’s good to hear about MEC putting down roots so far away – makes the world seem a lot smaller. In relation to your first bullet point about feedback about I just thought that it would be worth pointing people in the direction of the ‘comments conversation’ which is developing out of the 4 July entry – I think a lot of people will feel they are benefiting from other MEC users’ thoughts and ideas, so I’d like to encourage teachers, (even ones in the same institution) to use the blog to communicate! Or if you’re using another place to communicate, like one of the forums mentioned above, then do let Steph Earnshaw know and she can make sure there’s a link to it.

    Posted by Fiona MacKenzie on July 26th 2007

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