More digital dilemmas answered in our videos


We’re still continuing to spread the word about digital this month by addressing some of your digital dilemmas.

In this week’s videos we’re looking at a couple of tools that you’re probably used to using for yourself. If you’re teaching in a country away from your family and friends, chances are you’ll have phoned home now and again using Skype. But Fitta from Indonesia wanted to know how you can use it in the classroom. Skype, WebEx and other similar software are becoming more and more useful for distance classes and Nana will take you through some of the key things to remember.

Something else you might have heard about are podcasts. Maybe you’ve heard the word bandied around on radio shows or at conference talks and wondered just what they are and how you can actually use them. Well if that sounds like you, you’re not alone. Eleni from Greece wrote to us asking the same question and in this video I try to take you through the basics.

Finally, on a different note, Phil from France has been despairing about digital distractions in class. Are your students tediously texting non-stop? Always fooling around on Facebook? It can be annoying when you’re trying to teach, but in the first of this week’s videos, I suggest some ways you can deal with the issue and even incorporate some students’ love of all things online to enhance their English-learning experience.

If you’ve missed any of the previous videos in our series, which include using digital for speaking practice, using apps in the classroom and searching for Business English resources, just head to our YouTube channel and stay tuned for next week’s selection where me and Nana will be answering questions from people just like you.





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