Open House: Going through the e-motions – digital essay projects for EAP and IELTS


Thursday 26th September 2013, 3pm UK time

The elusive academic essay…EAP and IELTS students worldwide often struggle to really grasp what makes a great piece of writing and to develop the skills necessary to reach this key academic goal.

From detailed research to intricate referencing, from perceptive planning to eloquence and persuasion, these skills can be daunting stops on a learner’s journey. But as teachers we can change this narrative: by helping students to visualise the bigger picture of an essay as an act of communication; by setting up engaging, multimedia, multisensory tasks and projects that bring the elusive and abstract academic essay into their worlds, step by digital step.

Join Rui for this one-off webinar and pick up some top tips about preparing students for an academic essay in these digital times. Sign up here.

Rui da Silva has over 10 years’ experience in ELT and is a keen advocate for technology in education. Learn more about Rui in his BlendedMEC blog series here


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