Fiona MacKenzie


Working backwards from the present … I’m Publishing Director for Macmillan English Campus, looking after the publishing for MEC and onestopenglish along with a great Editorial team.

This job started almost ten years ago when, in the early days of digital publishing, we started to invent MEC, and onestopenglish was in its early days. Before that, I had ten years in print publishing, visiting more than 20 countries around the world and becoming an honorary Argentinian, spending three years with the company Macmillan set up in Buenos Aires.

Like many of my colleagues, before publishing I was a teacher – though not in far flung parts of the world. Finding myself teaching English in London to classes of students of whom more than half spoke English as a second or third language, I got a qualification in Teaching English as a Second Language in Multicultural Schools and was hooked. Stints in an immersion language centre for an amazing collection of resourceful immigrants and as a freelance lexicographer led me to a new life as an Editor for Heinemann and then Macmillan.

If I’m not at work, you can find me enjoying the big skies and fresh air by the sea in the best county in England – Suffolk. And – still wrapped up in ELT – you can find me writing Macmillan Readers – for fun!