New games on MEC!


Let’s play!!

The current News Item on MEC explores new computer games using body and mind control. If you are up for some ELT computer gaming, have a look at our recently published games on MEC!

Help Tom the cat get rid of the mice populating Mrs Brown’s kitchen by using appropriate prepositions of place in “Mouse Invasion”.

Clean the space from radioactive material by means of “shooting” the odd one out in “Space Cleaner”.

Save your ship from a pirate attack by navigating it through the stones bearing expressions that can be connected with ‘and’ in “Pirates”.

Finally, help Mary the Fairy and the handsome frog prince to rescue the pretty fiancée captured by three-headed monster Zmei by giving appropriate directions in “Zmei’s Lies”.

Enjoy – but be warned –MEC games are highly addictive…

Eva Maria Schmidt

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