Teaching the ABCs


With young learners and low level adult classes it can be useful from time to time to revisit the alphabet but difficult to do this in a way that will capture your students’ attention and really correct pronunciation problems. If this is a familiar problem for you, why not make use of some of the animation programmes that the internet has to offer.

A site like http://www.rightwork.jp/fontdemusic/ can be used as a fun way to practise getting those letters right. You can enter up to sixteen characters at a time and then set the combinations to one of five different music styles. This is especially useful for practising the always tricky vowels in varying combinations.

As a follow up to continue drilling the alphabet in a lively way, you might try playing them ‘The Alphabet Song’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML8IL77gQ3k

Can you get your class to sing along?


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