A lesson on the Olympics


MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:


The Olympics is sadly over and we’ll have to wait another four years for it to return, so why not use a class or two to get your learners talking about their Olympic experiences. Of course it would be surprising if your learners had competed in the Olympics but I bet they’ve watched it on TV or lived in a country that has hosted the games. 

I’ve found some useful sites and resources you might like to use in your lesson:

Firstly take a look at English baby! An EFL website with lots of entertaining videos to use in class. They have a range of videos about the Olympics in Beijing and all have subtitles for your learners. Click below to find the Olympic themed videos.

English baby! Olympic videos

The second site I thought would be useful is the official Olympic site. This could be a good one to use with more advanced learners. Get them to look at the site and research for a mini presentation in class.

Official Website of the Olympic Movement

Last but not least below are some MEC resources about the Olympics or sports related, ready and waiting to be used in your lesson!

Sports – Vocabulary Activity (Level 1)

Is it your favourite sport? – Language Exercise (Level 1)

What’s your favourite sport? – Vocabulary Activity (Level 2)

Paper 1 Reading Part 4 – Exam Preparation Exercise (PET/Level 4)

The Olympic Games – Listening Activity (Level 5)

Olympic planning – Language Exercise (Level 6)

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