A passion for MEC in Brazil


MEC Marketing Assistant, Jane Petrie, writes:

Jane Petrie

MEC is currently being used by a number of customers in South America, including the Cultura Inglesa São Paulo (CISP). CISP is a chain of 27 language schools in São Paulo. They were the very first users of MEC, which they call the ‘e-Campus’. They have been using MEC since 2003 and it is now used by 45,000 students and 750 teachers.

The Cultura Inglesa building in São Paulo

The Cultura schools have been very successful in incorporating e-Campus into their courses.

We caught up with Vilson Coimbra, e-learning manager for CISP, to find out more.

Supporting teachers

CISP has promoted the e-Campus to teachers energetically as Vilson is clear that this is the best way to integrate the e-Campus into the working life of the school. He explains how ‘all new teachers are introduced to the e-Campus during our pre-service programme … and work on its inclusion in their lesson plans.’

Indeed, at the LABCI conference last month, Vilson demonstrated in a presentation how effectively the e-Campus could be used with an interactive whiteboard, showing examples of creative activities that teachers could use.

All this really helps teachers to harness the potential of the e-Campus: 75% of teachers using it reported in a survey that they were ‘Satisfied’ or ‘Very Satisfied’ with its effectiveness.

Encouraging students

CISP continually encourages students to use the e-Campus at home as well as in the classroom. Research undertaken by CISP shows that 57% of students like using computers to learn English, and 71% say that MEC helps them to improve their English.

So how do they do it?

Crucially important is making sure that students are aware of what the e-Campus can offer. For example, the school’s web portal offers sample resources and advertises new content that is published to the e-Campus by Macmillan. There have also been seasonal word games competitions for students to enter – which have proven to be very popular.

Vilson adds: ‘Nowadays the e-Campus is part of the daily routine of students and staff. It is used in class as part of the practice needed for a specific language item or skill, as an assessment tool at the beginning of a term – and the exercises can be assigned for remedial work and revision.’


  • Thanks for these great videos and for the teaching suggestions, Mike. I’m definitely going to try using them with some of my classes during the next semester.

    Posted by Elizabeth Gregson on September 07th 2007
  • You’re very welcome, Elizabeth. Let us know how they go- and what other ideas/activities you come up for using YouTube!

    Posted by Mike Green on September 10th 2007

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