A Picture’s Worth


Marketing Assistant, Julian Chant, writes:

A Picture’s Worth
is an excellent online gallery which collects photo essays between 300-1000 words. It’s based on the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. The pictures and essays are sent in by users, with a new photo essay posted every day.

The picture above is entitled ‘My Home Town’ and is accompanied by a short essay about living in Sydney. Nik Peachey outlines a number of ways in which the site can be used for ELT purposes in this article from his learning technology blog.

Some suggestions include: getting students to photograph/write their own photo essays and submit them to the site; printing out a few images and essays to see if students can successfully match them together; and using the site as a stimulus for an in-class show and tell.


  • Hi MEC,

    I’m really glad you liked my posting on ‘A Picture’s Worth’. It really is a well crafted site with some fantastic content and has inspired some ideas that I’m working on myself now.
    Thanks ffor the link.


    Nik Peachey

    Posted by Nik Peachey on June 17th 2008
  • Really interesting site and definitely one that will be bookmarked. A great concept for the web and a great thing to get students to do in class, perhaps in groups dependent on their level.

    Posted by Dan Jones on June 18th 2008

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