Active Pronunciation


If your students struggle with pronunciation or you find it hard to explain how to produce certain sounds in English, then you might find this site useful.

It’s from the university of Iowa website and, although it’s only available in American English (and Spanish), it’s a really useful resource not only for low-level learners, but also more advanced students who get stuck on certain sounds in English.

If you have an IWB in your classroom then it’s a great tool to have on standby in lessons for when you come accross any difficult pronunciation. You just click on the link to Launch English Library and a pop up will appear containing an interactive library of all the sounds in English. When you click on the phonetic symbol you can play the sound being pronounced and also see how it’s made inside the mouth. This could really help with sounds that are hard for you to demonstrate or describe.

And if you’re really interested in the biology behind it all, there’s another pop up screen that you can view if you click Articulatory Anatomy. You scroll over the terms to label different parts of the mouth.


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