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MEC Freelance Trainer, Jo Scellier, writes:

Jo Scellier

Have you ever wanted to teach your students how to speak Australian, or Aussie? Well, here‘s a fun website which is all about using Aussie slang. On this site you can navigate through a dictionary and find some good slang words and phrases to impress Australians. Try asking your students if they can guess what the italic words means in the following sentence.

‘Last night at a barbe I had a barney with a rellie.’ 

barbe: barbeque

barney: argument or fight

rellie:  relative

So, this really means: ‘Last night at a barbeque I had an argument with a relative.’ Australians like to shorten words and add ‘ie’ or ‘ey’ so that the word is pronounced ‘ee’.

The Aussie slang website is at You can find an Aussie slang dictionary, Australian news and useful links to many other resources related to , from arts and culture to travel. You can also find links to other slang websites for many different languages by going to the Global Slang and Dialect Directory search.

To make sure your learners don’t forget all the new vocabulary they have learned, get them to enter new words into their word lists, as shown below. It might also be useful to create a category called ‘Slang’ or ‘Aussie slang’.

Adding Aussie slang to My Word Lists

This website is not only a useful tool for learners in Australia but also a good way to find out the meaning of slang words and phrases in other English speaking countries such as England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the USA and New Zealand. Why not take a look at the website and see how it can help your learners? You might want to save the most useful page on the site in your Web Links area and then send it to your learners.

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