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Here’s a useful tip from MEC Training Assistant, Steph Earnshaw:

To find the information you’re most interested in on the MEC blog simply click on the categories button in the left hand margin of the page. There are currently four categories:

‘Ideas for using MEC’ is particularly useful as it contains information from MEC users around the world about how they have implemented MEC in their school. This posting, for example, has some very interesting comments about how various institutions are using MEC.

You can also click on the feed reader button next to the category to have category-specific updates. This means that your feed reader will receive notification every time that category is updated.

Don’t forget:

To add this blog, or one of the blog categories to your feed reader simply click on the orange icon at the bottom of this page:

This will take you to a new page containing RSS data.

Copy the url of this new page and paste it into the ‘Add new feed’ field in whichever feed reader you use.

Your feed reader will now notify you of any new postings. Easy!

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