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MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:

Make your learners film stars!

Have you ever heard of Brick Films? It’s a website full of films with characters and sets made almost entirely of Lego! These films have been painstakingly put together and are available completely free to watch for everyone.

Here’s an idea for how to use this website in class with students of intermediate level or above:

  1. To teach this lesson you will need to be in a computer lab or have access to an Interactive Whiteboard or a data projector linked to a computer.
  1. Click on the link below which will take you to the website.

     Brick Films

  • Or go to Youtube and write in lego films in the search.


  1. Choose a film that you think your learners will like or that fits in with a theme you are using in class.  

    4. Allow your learners to watch part or all of the film a few times in class without the sound. Depending on your classroom facilities, they can watch the films on an IWB, on their computer or on a data projector. Remember you can direct your students to the website and film by publishing the webpage to them in My Web Links.

    5.  Put your learners in groups. Each learner in a group takes on one of the characters from the Brick Film and together the group writes a short script for the film. If you have chosen a film without much dialogue the group can write a narrative to go with the film instead.

    6. When the groups have finished they can read out their scripts or narratives while the film plays, the rest of the class listen. As an extra activity your learners could listen to the real script to compare it with their own.  

    7. To finish the lesson or for homework you could use any of the following MEC resources about films and movie stars.

  • A Titanic Romance – Language Exercise (level 4)
  • The last film I saw – Listening Activity (level 5)
  • The making of Titanic – Listening Activity (level 5)
  • Comments on the cinema – Language Exercise (level 6)

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