Building a virtual classroom in Mexico


MEC Marketing Coordinator, Jane Petrie, writes:

Welcome to the aula virtual! In this online classroom at Globaltec in Mexico, teacher-led sessions are used in conjunction with the interactive resources provided by the Macmillan English Campus. These online tutorials are combined with face-to-face teaching, making it easy for Globaltec to offer intensive courses on a flexible timetable to students at its 20 schools.

Each topic covered in a teacher-led session is supported by a resource on the same topic in the English Campus. Students work through these at their own pace, but must complete specific topics to finish their courses. Teacher interaction focuses on oral work. Clubs, such as literature club, song club and reading club, are organised to focus on written work. Each Globaltec school has a ‘supervisor’ who monitors the progress of individual students using the markbook and monitoring facilities within the English Campus.

Juan de Dios talks about the benefits that have been brought to students in terms of flexibility – because there’s nothing to download or install, the English Campus lets them easily study at home or anywhere with an internet connection.

As he says, ‘Our interest at Globaltec is to work with world-class service providers, to transfer the benefits of online learning to our students.’ By using the English Campus, they have found a way of combining technology and pedagogy to achieve just that.

To see how Globaltec are highlighting their online offering on YouTube, please click here to view >

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