MEC marketing Assistant, Joanna Trzmielewska, writes:

Grammar is often seen as the most boring part of learning a language. However hard students study they still make errors when they attempt to use the language in context.

I found a very interesting grammar exercise on esl.about.com which is a fantastic resource site. In the link below you can find a couple of popular quotes made by George W. Bush. The quotes can be used during a warm-up or practice stage. Simply, give the quotes to your students and ask them to try and find grammar or vocabulary mistakes.

It is a great chance for students to experience real language in real context.

Have a look around the site by clicking on the link below as it is full of Bushisms.

esl.about.com – Bushisms

Also, why not check out our American English vs British English resources on MEC. Below are just a few of them.

  • British v American English: verb and tense use – Grammar Reference Unit
  • British v American English: vocabulary – Grammar Reference Unit
  • British v American English: spelling – Grammar reference Unit 

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