Caucasus Academic Centre, Georgia


 MEC Marketing Coordinator, Jane Petrie, writes:

‘The greatest benefit is that the English Campus adds value to our school and courses’ says Nino Nizhardze, Director of English Studies at the Caucasus Academic Centre (CAC) in . They have been using the Macmillan English Campus since September 2008 with all of their English students.

Asked why they chose to adopt the English Campus, she says that ‘we wanted to make ICT an integral part of our studying process. Although we had been using the internet and some software before, it lacked organization and systematic use.’

The variety of material available in the English Campus has helped put their computer facilities to better use. It also helps teachers to keep a closer eye on students’ progress, using the automatic markbook and downloadable statistics.

Schools often ask us how exactly English Campus users incorporate the resource into their lessons. For CAC, the starting point is to assign each student to a course at their level. Once they are set up in the system, students are taken to the school computer room every two weeks for a lesson based around the Macmillan English Campus.

Equally important is the emphasis that is put on self-study and the opportunities that the English Campus provides for students to work without constant teacher input. As Nino says, ‘We strongly encourage our students to work on the English Campus outside the classroom … Students know when they are expected to have completed the course and the teacher monitors their progress regularly.’

For the Caucasus Academic Centre, choosing the English Campus has helped make better use of their IT facilities, enhanced their course offering and excited their students.

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