OK so who remembers doing their CELTA? ‘Ahh…’ I hear you say ‘…how could I forget?!’

Well, for those of you who have, or  those of you who would like their memory refreshed in order to get that ‘thank goodness I made it!’ feeling all over again, we are proudly presenting The CELTA Diary.

This is Jenny.

She’s in the thick of her CELTA at International House London as we speak, so who better to ask for the latest on modern CELTA courses! One reason for this diary, aside from us wanting to feel smug that we are happily qualified, is because a few people at IATEFL mentioned that CELTA courses do not include any training on blended learning. Rena Penna of the British Council in the was one of those who remarked on this gap in ESL teacher training. You can find her on the British Council IATEFL website. Email her for details of her talk on the role of technology in teaching: Mind the Gap: What ICT skills do teachers need?

Over the next four weeks we’ll hear from Jenny about what a CELTA is like these days, and whether teachers are being properly prepared for the modern world of ICT and blended learning.

We’ll have Jenny’s first posting at the end of next week. If you are inspired by anything she says please give us your thoughts. We’d also love to hear from you with your own CELTA anecdotes and memories. 

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