CELTA Report Season


We are very excited to invite you to join our series, CELTA Report, that will start this coming Monday, on October 10th. As CELTA is the most popular certificate to study in order to qualify as an ELT teacher, for the next three months we will be blogging about the CELTA experience. We will ask what CELTA means to future teachers, how they find the course, and what happens after they have completed the CELTA and walk into the classroom. We have invited some great guest bloggers to share their CELTA experiences with you, and you can expect some fascinating diary entries, video interviews and articles. We are very happy to invite you to join us and leave your comments and tell us what you think.

The first posting from the CELTA Report series will be on the 10th October 2011, when Nerys will discuss traditional CELTA and blended learning CELTA courses.

Pencil it down in your diary!


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