Christmas in the classroom


It’s less than two weeks until Christmas now, and students (and teachers!) all around the world will be starting to wind down with those final few classes of term. Keeping your students engaged at this time of the year is tough, and it’s probably best, depending on their age and level, to try and lighten the mood with a bit of festive cheer!

Onestopenglish has over 100 ideas for Christmas-based lessons, with resources available for younger and older students alike. There’s a web project perfect for older students, directing students to discover the origins of popular Christmas traditions, and a board game to encourage speaking in small groups.

You could also show some Christmas films to your class but make them a bit more interactive to keep your students  engaged. Watch 15 minutes of the film before you show it and create a vocabulary quiz of any words you think might trip your students up. You could ask them to walk around the room, interacting with their peers to figure out what they think a word might mean before looking it up in a dictionary. To work on phonetics, you could pick some words like ‘sleigh’ or ‘reindeer’ and let them guess how they are spelt based on their pronunciation. Finally, you could do a ‘Guess what happens next’ activity, pausing in the middle of a funny scene and asking groups of students to perform the rest based on their own imagination. Classic modern-day Christmas films that would be great for these activities include Elf, Home Alone and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This will be my last post of 2011, so have a very Merry Christmas everyone – see you in the New Year!








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