MEC Marketing Assistant, Julian Chant, writes:


Have you ever wondered where in the world other teachers using MEC and connect2mec readers are based?

Well now you can see for yourself with our new thumbnail map from ClustrMaps. Simply click on the map below to see the distribution of visitors to connect2mec.

Locations of visitors to this page

The map will be updated daily from today, so as time goes by you will start to see where your fellow readers are logging in from.

If you host a blog yourself and would like to add a thumbnail map on your own webpage, simply register for free and you will be emailed a few lines of HTML script to add to your webpage. It’s that easy!


  • Thanks for using ClustrMaps! Note that if the thumbnail map itself ‘scrolls off the page’ (i.e. becomes an old blog entry) it will stop counting, so it is far preferable to put it in your ‘gutter’ on the left hand side so it has a permanent presence: it needs to be displayed to perform the counting!

    All the best,

    -CJ on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team

    Posted by ClustrMaps Team on November 17th 2007

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