Denis’ school and Talisman training


MEC Product Trainer, Sarah Milligan, writes:

August was a busy month for the training team. I was lucky enough to spend the end of it in Russia training teachers from Denis’ school and Talisman.

Denis’ School

The school was eager to train new teachers who hadn’t seen the Campus before. The experienced MEC teachers also got some training on how to use MEC in class with an IWB or data projector. Training was run for teachers at two Denis’ schools. The first was in St Petersburg and the second in Moscow.


Training for Talisman focused on teachers who had started to use MEC but wanted ideas on how to use the personalisation tools such as My Bookmarks. The sessions also included how to use MEC in class which is a popular theme for schools at the moment. You can find a blog posting on our MEC in use clinic by clicking here. We had two three hour sessions and managed to fit quite a lot in!

Visiting both schools was a wonderful experience for me and I would like to thank all of the teachers and organisers involved in the sessions.

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